Flipper Uno

After a snack and a drink, we will leave the harbour of Los Gigantes to look for the dolphins and/or whales.

We guarantee that you will see one ore the other with the Flipper Uno. After we have enjoyed the dolphins and/or the whales, we will set sail along the cliffs of Los Gigantes and Masca. These are one of the highest cliffs in the world, with peaks of almost 600 meters.

In one of the beautiful bays with its sparkling clear water, you have time for a swim.Going into the water is easy down the steps or spectacularly swinging from our trapeze.  After your swim we will serve you a lovely lunch; paella based on chicken breast and vegetables. We will also serve you some bread and a piece of fruit.. Red wine, beer, cola, fanta and water are available to drink. During the excursion all drinks are included in the price.

We have an official guide on board who will explain everything in your own language. After sailing 3 hours we will be back in the harbour of Los Gigantes.  Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, camera and your sense of fun!! See you soon at the Flipper Uno!!!