Loro Parque Ticket

Loro Parque is a zoo and leisure center located in Puerto de la Cruz, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Created in 1970, is one of the animal parks with more history of Spain and one of the most interest has been generated over the years. Since its inauguration it had the highest concentration of parrots and the first parrot show in Europe.

Since then, more than 40 million visitors have passed through its enclosure, and has recently been voted on Trip Advisor as the best zoo in the world.

It has an incredibly well-kept environment, both for the welfare of the animals and the visitor. And it is that Loro Parque is much more than a zoo: it is a center of preservation of nature with capital letters. It has a foundation itself for the preservation of the species, combining field research, educational work, responsible breeding programs and numerous local activities.

Loro Parque is much more than its famous parrot show is all gorillas, meerkats, tigers, otters, anteaters, sea lions, cranes, iguanas, and many more animals are waiting allí.¡No miss it!