Excursion to the Teide cable car


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The tour starts throught the road to the Teide – Aguamansa, with a stop at the ‘Margarita de Piedra’. Already in the Teide National Park, we will visit: El Portillo, White Mountain Pumice Stone, Roulette, Los Roques de García (Mirador del Llano Ucanca).

 Stop at the nearby restaurants for lunch (not included in the price). Then we headed Izaña, through theMirador del Diablillo, Montaña Blanca, La Piedra Pómez, La Ruleta, los Roques de García y el Mirador del Llano de Ucanca.

 Then, you can choose a restaurant in the area to have luch (not included). The option to take the cable car, always go by the weather conditions.